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Animal Totem workshop weekend

Over the weekend, i had an enjoyable time learning about Animal Totems and Shamanism practices.

Here are some of what we learned over the weekend:

Our group blessed the area where the Tipi was created and erected. A sight to behold.

It was amazing to play the mother drum inside the Tipi where there were 5 people playing on the drum at once, while singing and chanting. I felt giddy with the energy coming down and the sounds that were produced.

Aside from the mother drum, we played our drums together in the Tipi while singing and chanting – this was also amazing.

As part of the Lakota religion, we were told the story of White Buffalo Woman coming to hlep the Lakota people. She gave them the sacred pipe, čhaŋnúŋpa.

We learned about the animal totems; visiting a wildlife park to see the animals in their natural habitat and see if any resonated with us; each animal have their characteristics and to learn how to use those characteristics in your life if that is the animal totem you have.

We learned about using essential oils with the animal totems.

We experienced what it was like to be in a sweat lodge.

We learned about the different herbs such as sage, prairie sage, sweet grass and more.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to learn about the ancient earth medicine.

And not only learning and having revernance for grandfather sky and grandmother earth, but meeting new people who are like minded and feels like part of the tribe, and eating nourishing foods and drinks.

Thank you to Sunder Devi for holding this workshop.
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