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Interested in a women’s circle?

What do you think of the idea of a women’s circle/tribe? In our ancient past, us women have gotten together to discuss what is happening in our lives. The rest of the group would listen and support each other. Much like these days where we get together for a girl’s night/day/weekend away.

The idea for this circle is for women to take some time out and share what they have been feeling emotionally during these times in a supported sacred space. Is this something you want to join and be a part of?

We feel that in these unprecedented times, some people are needing more support during this quarantine / isolation.

What would we talk about?

We can share what we are feeling emotionally.

We can use this time to educate ourselves. We can invite guest speakers to teach us something from their line of work.

There could be mass healing involved.

There could be meditation.

There could be readings.

There could be music, or sound healing.

We go on guidance from you, our fellow women, to guide us in what topics you want to hear.

Sophia from Elegant Alchemy and I, Julie from Julie Low Holistic Therapies, invite you to join us in this women’s circle/tribe.

Let us know if you want to join this group. It will go for an hour each week. We will do this via zoom.

Thank you and blessings to all.

PS. This is for females only.

PPS. Also would there be healers that would be interested in getting involved in this group, let us know too. Thanks in advanced.

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