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MANA – I am confident

Date: 28 November 2018

Continuing on from last week’s post:

The sixth principle of the Huna Philosophy is:

MANA (I am confident)
All power comes from within

Mana is power or energy/life energy. This is the energy (unseen force) that flows within us, through animals, nature, water, the earth, skies and planets, and everything that we know exists. This mana that flows through us is what gives us the power to do what we believe we can do. No other person can have power over you unless you decide to let him or her have it.

At the school when I learned Ka Huna massage, introduced me to a morning routine that involves light body movements, stretches, and meditation. Before beginning the morning routine, we stand outside in the sunlight where we begin with deep breaths in and out before setting an intention for the day. Then we start moving our bodies. These movements are sometimes tai chi like that helps to bring the mana in to our bodies. In addition, we allow the sun to infuse us with mana, filling our cup up, so that we have something to give to others.

If you find yourself lacking in energy, why not go outside and stand in the sun to soak up some of its rays? You don’t need to be there long and it makes you feel warm inside 😍

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