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What is vibrational/energy healing?

Vibration, or Energy, is the space that is invisible to the naked eye. It is always in a constant state of flow and movement.

Vibrational healing (or Energy healing) is a broad term for using universal energy to heal a person’s vibration/energy. This would stimulate the vibrational/energy flow in or around the human body to restore balance on all levels. Basically, clearing blocks and interferences from the biofield.

When the vibration/energy becomes stuck, the vibrational healing practitioner will assist to clear the stuck vibrations/energies to get it back in to flow.

Think of a time when you have felt stuck in your life, whether it be a decision you need to make or something that you used to enjoy is not making you happy anymore. You might talk to your closest confidents to help you come to a decision that you are happy with.

Or perhaps the decision you need to make it making you anxious.

Or perhaps you are being bullied and having the courage to stand up for yourself is making you anxious. That stuck feeling can translate to pockets of vibration/energy being stuck.

Think of the vibration/energy getting stuck like the tap in the bathroom getting clogged by a bunch of hair. Once you have discovered the culprit, you would get the hair out by using a wench or liquid to soften the hair. The same can be thought of in our vibration/energy field.

When you come to see an vibrational healing practitioner, they can help to assist you in removing these stuck vibrations/energies.

Some well-known therapies that could be considered “vibrational healing” include Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture and Pranic Healing.

Healing can still be felt for days or weeks after the healing has taken place.

Distance Vibrational Healing

Distance vibrational healing is any form of healing energy sent across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the receiver. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing. This type of vibration work is also known as remote, absent, or long distance healing.

Who can have an Vibrational healing session?

Anyone can have an vibrational healing session. People suffering stress, depression, anxiety, grief may benefit from an vibrational healing session.

Benefits of Vibrational Healing

  • Eases the pain brought by depression and can find the joy in everyday life
  • Releases anxiety and replaces it with calmness and confidence
  • Soothes anger and leans toward understanding and compassion
  • Relieves long-held sadness

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